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DOGE, is a company that produces and sells high-end Made in Italy furnishing accessories dedicated to our animal friends and destined for Our Homes, Hospitality Pet Friendly and Luxury Shops.

Who we are

Our philosophy and mission

The idea comes from afar, from the Doges of Venice, from the refinement of a time in history represented in the most beautiful palaces of the Serenissima.

From those places we inherit the craftsmanship of things well made, the precious fabrics, the forms and poetry of a never forgotten age.

DOGE is born from the unconditional love for our faithful 4-legged friend and the need to reconcile his well-being with our style, which in all its shades calls to beauty. Beauty is the essence of the objects that surround us, the satisfaction of having them around us, the pleasure we feel when we look at them because they represent us and are in accordance with our feeling and way of being. They make us feel good.

All this must be lived in total sharing with those we love and therefore also with our faithful friend, irreplaceable member of the family.
This is the origin of a complete line of furniture and accessories for him and for us: his well-being declined to our aesthetic expectations.
DOGE is a qualified company that allows you to customize and create a "tailored dress" for every occasion and environment, addressing all those who feed on refinement, beauty and elegance, with a look at the Interior Design creators of style and luxury shops.  

Doge is tailor made

Out products are tailor made in Italy with high-end accessories and fabrics.
It is possible to cover this product with all the fabrics drom the DOGE collection or even sartorially with a fabric suggested by the customer.

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