DOGE comes from an unconditional love for our trusty four-legged friends

and from the need to combine their well-being with our style, that, in all its shades, recalls BEAUTY. “BEAUTY is the essence of the objects surrounding us, the fulfillment of having them around us, the pleasure we feel when we look at them, because they represent us and are in tune with our feeling and way of being. They make us feel good".

Venetian vibes

Doge is a lifestyle and it is special, as unique and rich as our best friend is: him, the real DOGE!

About DOGE

Doge is tailor made

Out products are tailor made in Italy with high-end accessories and fabrics.
It is possible to cover this product with all the fabrics drom the DOGE collection or even sartorially with a fabric suggested by the customer.

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Furnishing line and accessories of Venetian inspiration, recalling wealth and beauty of a never forgotten age. The choice of fabrics and colours make the style unique, embracing in a modern way our history.



News from DOGE world


Vogue July Issue

New publication for DOGE on Vogue UK! We're featured on the Soak Pup The Sun column of the July issue of Vogue UK.

Vogue June Issue

DOGE featured in the June 2021 issue of British Vogue (released on Friday 7 May), in the Ready To Paw-ty column and in the Vogue Retail section of

We are on Vogue

We're featured on the exclusive Picture Purfect column of the May issue of Vogue UK and on the Vogue retail section of the website